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Mountain peak in the Pole of Cold named after Children of Asia

27 June 2023 00:00
Main news

As part of the Pole of Cold Mountaineering Festival, held in the mountainous area of Oymyakonsky district, Children of Asia name-tag has been installed on a nameless mountain 1945 meters high.

This year one of the main goals of the festival was to name mountain peak as "Children of Asia". The name was given in 2023 in honor of the 100th anniversary of national mountaineering and inclusion of rock climbing into the program of the 8th Children of Asia International Sports Games to be held in 2024 in Yakutsk.

Description and registration of the mountain peak in the All-Russian classifier with category 1B-2A will allow groups of high school students to climb safely for health-improving, sports and educational purposes.

The event was also attended by the first Everest climber from Yakutia Mr. Evgeny Krivoshapkin.

The Pole of Cold Mountaineering Festival takes place from June 14 to June 29 near Ust-Nera, Oymyakonsky district. Within the framework of the festival, participants test themselves in alpine routes and climbing tracks. The festival is aimed at improving the qualifications of climbers and developing the attractiveness of Oymyakonsky district for tourists and climbers from across the country.

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