Children of Asia International Committee


09 December 2022 00:00
Main news

On December 7th, a presentation of Sakha Republic was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. It was attended by the President of the Children of Asia International Committee Mr. Vladimir MAKSIMOV.

The history of Yakutia is inextricably linked with the history of the Children of Asia International Sports Games. Games have become a brand of the Republic, which today is familiar all over the world. Children of Asia Games are the first start to the sporting heights of many athletes. Among the participants of the past Games there are winners and medalists of the Olympic Games, world and continental championships in many sports.

- Children of Asia Games have become one of the most iconic and well-known brands of Sakha Republic, which represent it on the world stage along with culture, nature and national treasures. This year, the Children of Asia International Committee celebrated 10th anniversary. The first milestone in the work of our organization. Children of Asia today is not only sports games, but also a number of other events, educational programs aimed at promoting the ideas of Olympism among the younger generation and at developing children's sports. Our Committee will continue to implement real and new projects aimed at the development of sports in Asia and intercultural relations, said Mr. Vladimir MAKSIMOV.

The first Children of Asia Games were held in 1996 and covered the entire Asian continent. Over the past 25 years, more than ten thousand young athletes from more than 30 Asian countries have become participants in the Games. The Games become the first international start and a springboard to the world of big sport for many young athletes.

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