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24 January 2023 00:00
Main news

Today, the torch relay of the Children of Asia International Games started in the region. The first city of Kuzbass, which met the procession of the symbol of the games, was Novokuznetsk. The solemn ceremony of the torch relay began at 12:00 pm at the Victory Square of the Kuznetsk Iron and Steel Works. It was here that the first hockey team of Novokuznetsk was formed by the metallurgists of KMK.

- The start of the torch relay of the Children of Asia Games in Kuzbass is a historical moment that links sports, Olympic traditions and generations, unites participants from different countries of the world. Hosting the Children of Asia International Sports Games is a great honor and responsibility for our region. The most worthy people who have made a great contribution to the development of sports in Kuzbass have become torchbearers, said the region Governor Mr. Sergei Tsivilev.

The team of Novokuznetsk torchbearers included 23 people - athletes, sports veterans, volunteers, representatives of the city's iconic enterprises. The first torchbearer was the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Kuzbass Mr. Sergey Myaus. The baton was also supported by Olympic Games participants Ms. Elena Prosteva, Ms. Anastasia Silantyeva, Vice-Champion of the Olympic Games in Beijing Mr. Evgeny Chigishev, Deaflympics champion Ms. Oksana Klimova, participant of the XVI Paralympic Summer Games Ms. Kheda Berieva, three-time world champion in powerlifting Mr. Dmitry Inzarkin, founder of the swimming school in Novokuznetsk Md. Vladimir Kudryashov, sports veterans Mr. Vladimir Zubanov and Mr. Gennady Nikitin, and others.

The route of the relay passed through the central streets through the objects that are significant for the residents of the city - the Arena of the Kuznetsk Metallurgists, the Novokuznetsk Drama Theater, the Novokuznetsk Art Museum, the Boulevard of Heroes, the Rear Front monument, the Soldier monument, the Kuzbass Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute and the Monument to the labor feat of railway workers.

The torch relay was completed by the head of Novokuznetsk, Mr. Sergey Kuznetsov, on the square of the city's railway station. After that, the fire in a special lamp was transferred to the next territory, which will meet the relay of fire in Kuzbass, the Tashtagol district. The fire will arrive in Sheregesh on February 2nd, in Mezhdurechensk on February 10th, the relay race will end on the opening day of the Games, February 25th, in Kemerovo.

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