Children of Asia International Committee

Children of Asia International Committee and Department of Sports of the Kyrgyz Republic will develop joint projects for development of youth sports

15 June 2023 00:00
Main news

President of the Children of Asia International Committee Mr. Vladimir Maksimov signed a cooperation agreement with the Department of Physical Culture and Sports under the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic represented by the Director Mr. Aibek Abdymomunov.

The document provides strengthening and development of bilateral cooperation in the field of youth sports and education. Different seminars, round tables and other projects for sports in the Asian continent will be implemented within the agreement.

Earlier within the working visit of the Children of Asia Committee held Climbing Olympus Educational Program and organized master classes for pupils of youth sports schools of the Olympic reserve of the Kyrgyz Republic. The master classes were held by graduates of the Children of Asia Games, world and Asian boxing champion Mr. Merey Akshalov and Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Ms. Lilia Akhaimova.

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