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Children of Asia Games became a platform for signing a MOU for youth development

12 February 2019 00:00
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The purpose of the MOU is the development and involvement of young people from across the world under the auspices of UNESCO. The document was signed by the President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee Mr. Dmitry GLUSHKO and the Secretary General of the International Centre of Martial Arts under the Auspices of UNESCO Mr. KIM Si Hyun (Korea).

– The main message of sport are values. Those that are understandable to anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or nationality. It is very important for us that young athletes who come to the Children of Asia Games developed relations with peers from other countries. We should fight only at sports arenas. Everything that we do to develop sports, we do to strengthen peace and reconciliation between countries. Therefore, it is very important for us today to sign a memorandum with an organization that shares our ideas – engaging youth in sports, namely, in martial arts. And next year in Ulan Bator we will be holding Games where many types of martial arts will be represented, – said Mr. Dmitry GLUSHKO.

– Our UNESCO ICM seeks to cooperate with as many organizations involved in children’s sports, as possible. We are very pleased that we were able to establish warm relations with the Children of Asia Games Committee. We want this event to develop further, – said Mr. KIM Si Hyun.

The meeting ended with the exchange of memorable gifts. Mr. GLUSHKO presented a book depicting the milestones of the Children of Asia Games. The guest from Korea gave the Games Committee President ginseng as a symbol of health and energy. Mr. KIM will spend several days on Sakhalin. During his stay, he plans to visit the sports venues of the Games, watch the competitions and has already assessed the performance of short-track athletes.

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