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More than 500 athletes visited the Climbing Olympus educational project at the Children of Asia Games

15 March 2023 00:00
Main news

The Children of Asia International Committee held an educational program Climbing Olympus for young athletes as part of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games 2023 in Kuzbass.

To implement the project, lecturers from the Children of Asia International Committee, the Russian Olympic Committee, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA, and the Association of Sports Psychologists were involved.

As part of the Games, the ROC held the first sports and educational project Olympic Patrol in 2023. Special guests were the silver medalists of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games in Beijing — weightlifter Mr. Yevgeny Chigishev and ski jumper Mr. Yevgeny Klimov. Young athletes took part in several sports activities, the quest game Olympic Hopes and in the Olympic lesson, where they learned about the history of the Olympic movement and Olympic values.

Mr. Evgeniy Khristenko and Ms. Aleksandra Tereykovskaya, specialists of the RUSADA Educational Programs Implementation Department, conducted a total of 19 seminars and 12 Outreach anti-doping quizzes.

The team of the Association of Sports Psychologists, headed by its president Ms. Lira Ulyaeva and members of the Association of Sports Psychologists: Ms. Alla Solovieva, Ms. Anna Sidorova, Mr. Vadim Stepanov, presented the Future Champion project, where athletes got a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies for assessing psychophysiological and psychoemotional states and take part in psychotechnical games different orientation for personal effectiveness and team cohesion.

We thank the members of the ROC, RUSADA and ASP for fruitful cooperation in the field of promoting the development of youth sports in the Asian continent. Thank you for great projects and unforgettable emotions!

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