Children of Asia International Committee

From Children of Asia Games to Olympic Heights

20 February 2022 00:00
Main news

Graduates of Children of Asia International Sports Games achieve Olympic heights. Seven winners of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games that took place exactly three years ago in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk took part in the Olympics held in Beijing.

Three athletes from Russia: Danil Sadreev (ski jumping), Ilya Mankov (ski jumping), Sofia Nadyrshina (snowboarding); two participants from Kazakhstan: Danil Vasilyev (ski jumping), Alexandra Troitskaya (alpine skiing), Yun Hau Tsuen Adrian from Hong Kong (alpine skiing) and Young Yu from Republic of Korea (figure skating).

Danil Sadreev achieved the greatest heights with a silver medal in the team tournament. It became a real sensation since Russia has not had any medals in ski jumping for more than 50 years.

The Korean figure skater Young Yu presented on a high level. After the short program, she had an opportunity to compete for the Olympic bronze. According to the results of the competition, she is in top 10 finishing 6th in the standings.

Recall that the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games will be held in Kemerovo region in 2023. The athletes’ success from the previous editions leave no doubt that new Olympic level stars will light up in the upcoming competitions.

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