Children of Asia International Committee

Organizing Committee checked preparation for 8th Children of Asia Games 

13 July 2023 00:00
Main news

President of the Children of Asia International Committee Mr. Vladimir Maksimov took part in the meeting of the Organizing Committee with the President of Yakutia Mr. Aysen Nikolaev on preparation and holding of the 8-th Children of Asia International Games.

They discussed sports facilities, transportation, catering, volunteering, accommodation of athletes, as well as city improvement, repair of roads and adjacent areas to sports facilities, landscaping of public spaces and repair of buildings. 

A multifunctional sports hall and a climbing wall meeting international standards in the Dokhsun Sports Center are being built in Yakutsk for Children of Asia Games.

In total, 16 facilities in Yakutsk will be used for competitions in 24 sports.

Recall that the 8-th Children of Asia International Games will be held in its historical homeland in Yakutsk from June 25 to July 7, 2024. 

Photo: Andrei Sorokin

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