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The representative of the Russian Skating Union estimated the Ice Palace "Kristall" on Sakhalin

27 January 2018 00:00
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Chairman of the technical committee of the Russian Skating Union of Russia on short track Sergei Boytsov arrived in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in preparation for the first winter international sports games "Children of Asia."
Within the framework of his visit, the specialist visited the Ice Palace "Crystal". Together with the management of the complex, he discussed the key moments of organization of the competition on the short track. The topics concerned the work of volunteers, the access of athletes to the ice, the landing of fans, as well as various technical aspects - glasses, boards, markers and so on.

Sergei Boytsov met with the Minister of Sport and Youth Policy of the region Sergei Burenkov to outline further goals for the upcoming competitions and discuss certain nuances. According to Boytsov, "Crystal" is ideal for carrying out such large-scale events.

- The platform is comfortable, both for athletes and fans. Here is an excellent ice rink. On it you can even hold the world championship among juniors on a short track, - the expert noted. - In terms of allocation of seats - accommodation of fans, judges, press, medical staff - the ice palace is also ideal.

As for the competitions themselves, for the most optimal and comfortable holding of them Boytsov recommended to limit the number of athletes to 48 boys and 48 girls. Each team must have four people, plus one spare. Total 12 teams.

He also added that during the competition it is necessary to check the availability of security mats. In addition, it is necessary to involve at least two ambulance teams.

"Given all these nuances and requirements, we will be able to hold sports games at the highest level," Sergey Boytsov guaranteed.

Sergei Burenkov assured that he will monitor the progress of preparation for games taking into account the advice and wishes of a specialist.

"Such meetings are very important for holding such a significant event for the Sakhalin region," the Minister summed up. - In the course of living with experienced professionals, the picture of what is required of us and how we should act in the future becomes clear. I am confident that due to our joint efforts, we will worthily hold the first ever international winter games "Children of Asia".

Source: Press Service of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of the Sakhalin Region

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