Children of Asia International Committee

The Union of Alumni of the  Children of Asia International Sports Games established

07 June 2023 00:00
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The Children of Asia International Committee established the Union of Alumni of the Children of Asia Games. Over the long history of the Games, more than 15,000 athletes have become participants, many of whom have competed and become prize-winners of International starts and the Olympic Games.

The Alumni Union is a public collegial advisory body under the Children of Asia International Committee. The main goal of the Union is to unite the participants of the Games of different years to develop youth sports.

The Children of Asia International Committee pays great attention to educational activities promoting principles and goals of the Olympic Movement, history of the Games. The establishment of the Alumni Union also contributes to development of educational activities, improving sportsmanship, and socially significant projects for children's and youth sports.

All athletes who took part in the Games of different years, regardless of citizenship, gender and age, if desired, can take part in the work of the Union of Alumni of the Children of Asia Games.
Mr. Merey Akshalov, a boxer, participant of the Beijing Olympic Games, world champion, Asian champion, Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, participant of the 3rd Children of Asia International Sports Games:

The Children of Asia Games were a big step for me in my sports career, because these were my first international competitions. I think it was the right decision to create the Union of Alumni that brings together all participants of the Games. After the Children of Asia Games, many athletes become winners and even champions of the Olympic Games or other major international competitions in the future. It is very important not to lose touch with each other and share this experience with other younger athletes for the benefit of children's sports and a healthy lifestyle of young people in general.

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