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Friendship relay race took place in Kemerovo

04 March 2023 00:00
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In Kemerovo, at the Lokomotiv sports complex, within the framework of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, the Friendship Relay Race in cross-country skiing among boys and girls in mixed teams ended.  The girls ran 3 km, and the boys 5 km.  Each team included four athletes.

The highlight of this unusual ski race is the formation of teams.  Athletes from different national teams and regions were assigned to teams by lottery.

Mr. Vladimir Maksimov, President of the Children of Asia International Committee, took part in the medal award ceremony.

Ms. Elina Vazhanina (Kuzbass), Ms. Michel Karpova (Moscow), Ms. Lidia Fedotova (Far Eastern Federal District) and Ms. Azalia Khabibulina (Tatarstan Repulic) demonstrated the strongest team spirit among the girls as part of the Beryozki team.

Among boys, Mr. Danil Povisma (Ural Federal District), Mr. Nikolai Kopyrin (Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Mr. Oleg Suntsov (Tatarstan Republic) and Mr. Timofey Omerov (Bashkortostan Republic) became the best.

The won medals will be counted in the overall medal standings of each team, whose representatives were in the teams in the Friendship Relay.
Congratulations to all champions and prize-winners! From friendship in sports to peace on Earth!

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