Children of Asia International Committee

The first medal ceremony was held in Kemerovo

27 February 2023 00:00
Main news

Today Kemerovo hosted the first medal awarding ceremony for the winners of the 2nd Winter Children of AsiaInternational Sports Games.

The medals were presented by the Director General of the Children of Asia International Committee Mr. Gavril Tsypandin, Dean of the Mordovian State University named after N.P. Ogareva, Advisor to the President of the Children of AsiaInternational Committee Mr. Dmitry Glushko, chief referee of the Games Mr. Alexander Bessmertnykh and Head of the Directorate of the Games Mr. Alexey Puzynin.

The awarding took place in two sports - cross-country skiing and short track. In cross-country skiing at a distance of 5 km. among girls, gold was won by Ms. Victoria Ilyushenko (Far Eastern Federal District).

69 boys and girls fought for the victory in short track competitions at a distance of 1500 m. Mr. Andrey Petrov (Moscow) became the winner among young men. Among girls, gold was won by Ms. Anastasia Baranova (Moscow).

At a distance of 3000 m, the best result was shown by the Moscow team. The team of the Republic of Belarus won silver. Bronze - Siberian Federal District.

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