Children of Asia International Committee

On September 17, as part of Team Leader Academy, a lecture on cross-cultural communication with representatives of the 8th Children of Asia Games’ participating countries took place

17 September 2023 00:00
Main news

The lecture were given by Ms. Sardaana Zhendrinskaya, the head of the International Relations Department of the Children of Asia International Committee.

Ms. Sardana Zhendrinskaya talked about the history of Children of Asia Games, the main rules of the Games, the geography of participants, and interactions with participants from different countries.

"In the era of globalization, it is much easier for us to establish communication with representatives of other countries, but each nationality has its own peculiarities, traditions, and religion, and each person has their own facets and nuances. During Children of Asia Games, it is the volunteers who will be more involved in communicating with representatives of foreign countries, so it is essential for all of you to study and know these aspects," noted Ms. Sardana Zhendrinskaya.

Recall you can become a volunteer of the 8th Children of Asia Games by submitting an application on the website добро.рф until December 12, 2023.

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