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Summit of Young Professionals Completed in Sochi

21 October 2017 00:00
Main news

On October 20, International Summit of Young Professionals in Sports within the World Festival of Youth and Students completed in Sochi. Participants presented their sports projects and results of group works that they had developed during the Summit.

During six days the Summit became the platform for exchange of opinions, experience among young employees of sports institutes, discovering the best the practices in sports, generating new ideas and presenting sports projects. Participants had an opportunity to meet well-known sports figures and skilled professionals in the sphere of promoting sports projects. Mr. Azat MYRADOV, Secretary General of National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan, Mr. Dilshod NAZAROV, Olympic Champion in hammer throw, Deputy Chairman of State Committee for Youth Affairs, Sport and Tourism of Tajikistan, Mr. Ibrahim ABAZID, Member of Executive Committee of Syrian Olympic Committee, Ambassador of Children of Asia International Sports Games, Princess Jacel KIRAM, President of Philippine Association of Martial Arts Penchak Silat, Celia HIKARTE-KIRAM, Special Commissioner of Philippines Sports, Chairman of Committee for Culture and Arts of Philippines Olympic Committee, Mr. Sujan Lal SHRESTHA, Executive Secretary of NOC Nepal, Secretary General of National Fencing Association and many other speakers.

During the closing session the participants presented their own projects and group projects which they have developed during the Summit. Some of the participants have already achieved considerable progress not only in their countries, but also in international arena.

"We receive requests from various federations on using Children of Asia Games as a platform for promoting their sports. It is said there are not enough sports competitions for children. Children of Asia Games are meant for promoting children’s sport, to create the platform for international sports competitions to improve techniques for teaching coaches, work of referees, how to organize such competitions and how to promote them", - said Mr. Dmitry GLUSHKO, President of the Children of Asia Games International Committee.

"Next year approximately in September we will be organizing the 2nd Summit where we will improve the format of holding this event. I am very glad to note that some of the participants have developed very interesting and topical projects. Team work will be one of the main tasks of the next Summit. Therefore, I think those who have participated this year will attend the Summit next year as well", - said Mr. Vladimir MAKSIMOV, Director General of the Children of Asia Games International Committee.

In September, 2018 on the threshold to the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games (Sakhalin 2019) the 2nd International Summit will be hold. Delegates will witness the readiness for hosting the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games that will start in February 2019 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In prospect the Summit can become an authoritative platform for interaction of young professionals in sports from around the world. The annual Summit will become an instrument of effective sports diplomacy and will expand possibilities of youth influence on formation of the future sports agenda.


Press Service of the CAGIC

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