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27 December 2022 00:00
Main news

The round table was attended by the leadership of the Children of Asia International Committee, the Secretary General of the Russian Olympic Committee, representatives of the directorate of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, as well as the leadership of Yakutia.

Mr. Georgy Mikhailov delivered a welcoming speech on behalf of the government and the Head of the Republic Mr. Aisen Nikolaev.

 - Children of Asia is a sports games that originated in Yakutia. It is a pride for every Yakutian when children from all over Asia came to participate. Today it is a big movement, which appeared thanks to the foresight of our first president, Mr. Mikhail Nikolaev. One of the tasks of the International Committee is to keep sport out of politics, said Mr. Georgy Mikhailov, head of the administration of the Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

Reports on preparations for the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games in Kuzbass and for the 8th Children of Asia International Sports Games, which will be held in 2024 in Yakutia, were made by Mr. Aleksey Puzynin, Head of the Children of Asia Directorate in Kuzbass, and the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of Yakutia Mr. Leonid Spiridonov.

The Children of Asia International Committee was established on November 8, 2012. In Macau, a document on the establishment of a new organization was signed. Sakha Republic (Yakutia), the Russian Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia became co-founders.

Thanks to the creation of an international organization, Children of Asia has become the largest multi-sport project among the younger generation in the countries and regions of Asia. Through the years, over 13,000 young athletes have taken part in the Games.

In addition to holding sports competitions in summer sports, since 2019 the Committee has been holding the Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games, which caused a great positive response from Asian countries and a desire to develop winter sports. For all the time of its activity, the Committee has established friendly relations with all the National Olympic Committees of the member countries of the Olympic Council of Asia, which are interested in cooperation with the aim of developing youth sports.

Today, the Committee holds not only competitions in summer and winter sports, but also promotes training and educational activities. In the coming years, this is one of the promising areas of work. In this regard, the Committee receives support and interest in projects aimed at developing certain sports, improving the skills of young sports functionaries, promoting sports volunteering, and many others.

10 years is the first important milestone in the work of the organization. The Committee will continue to implement current and new educational projects aimed at the development of sports in Asia in the future. Today, these are not only sports games, but also a number of other events aimed at developing children's creativity, intercultural relations, and promoting the ideas of Olympism among the younger generation.

The beginning of 2023 marks the holding of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games. Winter sports games will be held in Kuzbass from February 23rd to March 5th in such sports as snowboarding, figure skating, cross-country skiing, curling, alpine skiing, hockey, ski jumping, short track, speed skating, as well as demonstration games in snow volleyball and eSports.

See you in Kuzbass at the 2nd Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games!

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