Children of Asia International Committee

Children of Asia Games open doors to the world of big sport

06 February 2023 00:00

We continue to tell you about the achievements of the Children of Asia Games participants through the years, for whom the Games opened the doors to the world of big-time sports.  Today we will introduce you to Mr. Danil Sadreev and Mr. Turan Bayramov.

Mr. Danil Sadreev was a participant in the 1st Winter Children of Asia International Sports Games and won first place in ski jumping competitions.

The athlete was remembered by everyone not only for his brilliant performance at the competitions, but also for the springboard record, breaking 84 meters. And at the 24th Winter Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing, Mr. Sadreev confidently won silver.

Mr. Turan Bayramov, a participant of the 6th Children of Asia Games from Azerbaijan, also showed a beautiful wrestling, which brought him a gold medal in the Games.  Later, the young man became the silver medalist of the European Championship 2021, won gold at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games and became a participant in the 32nd Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

We are confident that in the future athletes become an example not only for the participants of the upcoming 2nd Winter Children of Asia Games, but also for all guests of the competition. Children of Asia - the beginning of victories!

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