Children of Asia International Committee


23 December 2022 00:00

The Children of Asia International Committee not only holds competitions between young athletes, but also trains athletes. One of the Committee's projects is an educational program for the development of winter sports, which includes: Snowboarding, Cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing and Hockey.

The participants of the project are divided into two groups: Beginners - athletes from countries with the lowest level of development of winter sports and Continuing - athletes who already have training experience from countries where winter sports are practiced at an average and high level.

The hockey team from Uzbekistan has already been trained, as well as the team of the Kyrgyz national team, which included hockey players, skiers and alpine skiers - all of them are candidates for participation in the II Winter Games "Children of Asia".

The educational program becomes one of the stages in the preparation of future Olympians. The committee's project is aimed to develop winter sports throughout the Asian continent, as well as expanding the geography of participants and attracting new countries.

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