Children of Asia International Committee

Athletes began preparations for the 8th Children of Asia Games

03 October 2022 00:00

Athletes from Yakutia will undergo training in Ulyanovsk, on the eve of the Children of Asia International Sports Games, which will be held in Yakutsk in 2024 reported by the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of Sakha Republic.

Gymnasts from Yakutia Ms. Anastasia Stepanova, Ms. Nariyana Petrova and Ms. Naryyaana Alekseeva went to Ulyanovsk to up-grade their personal professional level. Offsite training of this nature allows to athletes to attend all-Russian and interregional competitions without any problems.

It is worth noting that last season the Yakut athletes were preparing for the Children of Asia Games, then gymnasts born in 2007-2009 were training. The past training showed good results, some athletes received the title of master of sports after passing the relevant standards.

The high results of the past year, current achievements and upcoming trainings - this is the main task to improve the professional level.

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