Children of Asia International Committee

International Summit of Young Professionals in Sports

International Summit of Young Professionals in Sports

Мission of the Summit is the development of international sports cooperation as a contribution to the sustainable development of the world.

The goal of the Summit is to bring together young professionals working in the field of sports, the Olympic movement, sports managers on issues of developing sports, healthy lifestyles, creating an educational platform for professional growth, sharing experiences, stimulating project activities among young professionals, and increasing their competencies and skills.

The Summit is organized by the Children of Asia Games International Committee, the Russian Olympic Committee, and the Olympic Council of Asia.

The Summit can be attended by leaders and specialists of national Olympic committees and executive authorities of countries, members and leaders of sports organizations aged from 18 to 35 years.

The summit serves as a platform for the exchange of views, experience among young employees of sports institutes, identifying best practices in sports, generating new ideas and presenting sports-oriented projects. Within the framework of the Summit, professionals from the field of sports management conduct lectures, master classes, and training on the development of mass sports, the best experience in implementing sports management, marketing, product promotion, and event organization. As speakers, the organizers invite the leadership of the Olympic Council of Asia, chairpersons and members of the OCA standing committees, heads of National Olympic Committees, executive bodies in the field of sports, outstanding athletes and public figures. During the Summit, participants have to form teams, develop projects on relevant topics and problems in the field of sports development and eventually defend in front of a competent jury. The best projects are recommended to the Olympic Council of Asia, National Olympic Committees from Asian countries for their subsequent implementation at the national or continental levels.


1st Summit (Sochi, Russia 2017)                         2nd Summit (Yuzhno-Salhalinsk, Russia 2018)

              II Саммит


3rd Summit

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