Children of Asia International Committee

Alumni Union

The Children of Asia International Committee established the Union of Alumni of the Children of Asia Games. Over the long history of the Games, more than 15,000 athletes have become participants, many of whom have competed and become prize-winners of International starts and the Olympic Games.

The collegial body of the Alumni Union will be the Council which consists of the Chair, Secretary, and 8 members of the Union. During the first meeting the voting took place, whereby unanimous decision Ms. Lilia Akhaimova, a champion of the 4th Children of Asia Games, Olympic Champion in sport gymnastics, was elected as the Chair of the Council. Mr. Alexander Bugaev, an Alumnus of the 1st Children of Asia Games and First Deputy Minister of Sports of the Sakha Republic Yakutia, Russia, was also elected the Secretary of the Council.

The Children of Asia Games Alumni Union will create new programs and projects for development of children's sport in Asian countries, for the purpose of educational activities to promote the principles of the Olympic Movement and the history of the Games. Establishment of the Alumni Union also promotes development of project and educational activities, development of forms of sportsmanship enhancement, and consideration of socially significant projects in the field of children's sports support.

Аll athletes who took part in the Games of different years, regardless of their citizenship, gender, and age, can participate in Children of Asia Games Alumni Union if they wish. To do this, it is necessary to send an application to

Children of Asia Games Alumni Council consists of the following members:

Ms. Lilia Akhaimova (Russia), sport gymnastics, a participant of the 4th Children of Asia Games, champion of Olympic Games in Tokyo, two-time silver medalist of the World Championship, Champion of Europe.

Mr. Alexander Bugaev (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia), track and field athletics, a participant of the 1st Children of Asia Games, First Deputy Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);

Mr. Hayk Babayan (Armenia), shooting, a participant of the 6-th Children of Asia Games, participant of the 3rd Youth Olympic Games 2018;

Ms. Maria Rowan (India), kurash, a participant of 7th Children of Asia Games, National Combat Ju Jitsu gold medalist, 3time CBSE Judo South Zone National gold medalist;

Ms. Pannapa Harnsujin (Thailand), taekwondo, a participant the 5th Children of Asia Games, World Champion 2019, medalist of Asian Games 2018, 2019;

Mr. Ali Salem Al Ali (Kuwait), speed skating, a participant of the 2nd Winter Children of Asia Games;

Mr. Yuri Krakovetsky (Kyrgyzstan), judo, a participant of the 4th Children of Asia Games, participant of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and London, silver medalist of Asian Championships 2015;

Mr. Merey Akshalov (Kazakhstan), boxing, a participant of the 3rd Children of Asia Games, participant of the Olympic Games in Beijing, World Champion 2013, Champion of Asia 2004, 2013;

Ms. Zhamila Bakbergenova (Kazakhstan), freestyle wrestling, a participant of the 5th Children of Asia International Sports Games, a silver medalist of World Championships 2021, 2022, a champion and prizewinner of Asian championships 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, Best athlete of Kazakhstan 2022, Best women-wrestler of Asia 2022 by UWW.

Mrs. Sofia Nadyrshina (Russia), snowboarding, a participant of the 1st Winter Children of Asia Games, winner and medalist of the 2021 World Championship, 6-time junior world champion.

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